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23 Feb 360° feedback surveys to maximize group performance

Pure Survey’s 360° feedback survey tool can be used to assess the performance levels of the teams within your business.

In the business environment the focus is more on team building and less on the individual. Team work ensures that projects are completed in good time and that the employees are united. Teams are designed to maximize the strengths and minimize the weaknesses of individuals.

What are the benefits for team building?
Pure Survey’s well conducted, well designed 360° feedback survey can be a huge help to your businesses team dynamic.

  • It can assist in communication.
  • It can assist in your employees growth.
  • It can be used to assist in increasing your team productivity and efficiency.

Asking Pure Survey to conduct this survey medium for your business will help in improving both the individual and teams within your business.

How can this be used to assist with communication?
Trust is a big factor in team building. Using Pure Surveys 360° feedback survey will assist in fostering the communication within the groups. Once the 360° survey has been conducted the results should then be discussed within the team with the understanding that this is for the benefit of the team and the individual person. All feedback from this survey needs to be constructive for the unification of the team.

Issues that arise and are discussed within this dynamic are worked on and resolved. It is highly important to ensure that the focus of all team 360° surveys is for the betterment of the team. Opening up the communication between team members helps in creating a more united team dynamic.

How can this tool be used for the growth of the individual?
The team orientated 360° feedback survey can be used for the individual to asses their own growth within the team and to compare their growth against their team members. This will assist in encouraging the team members to want to succeed and to improve themselves for the betterment of the team and for their own benefit.

The understanding of your own strengths and weaknesses within the team helps members to know what they need to work on. Working within a team encourages accountability within the members. This accountability accomplishes the end goal of all teams and that is to have a united group of employees working together with one purpose in mind; the good of the business.

How can this tool be used to maximize productivity and efficiency?
By using Pure Survey’s 360° survey tool it will help to better the communication and improve the individual and team growth. The result of this will lead to a productive and efficient team. When a team of people work together in unity and harmony they work, harder, faster and more efficiently.

Using Pure Surveys innovative 360° feedback survey tool to foster a strong and healthy team dynamic within your business not only has benefit for the team and individual but also benefits the business. Call us on (CPT) 021 788 6856 or (JHB) 011 784 1966 for more information.

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