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360 Surveys

360 Surveys

Gaining insight into individual behaviour and employee competencies contributes largely to the success of any organisation. If you would like to measure teamwork, leadership effectiveness and team capacities in your company, then our 360° survey is a great place to start!

360° surveys are simple, efficient and insightful. Using our 360° feedback survey is not only beneficial for the business but for employees as well. Understanding where their strengths and weaknesses lie is a huge advantage to individuals as they are able to grow and learn from this experience. The 360° tool is completely confidential and we have experienced very high response rates with this form of survey.

How does it work?

The participants use simple, online graphics and questionnaires to rate themselves and their colleagues. This provides management with a multi-dimensional view on leadership and behaviour that often goes unnoticed.

Reports are provided on individual and organisational levels and include practical solutions. In order to fully integrate a 360° survey with your business needs, our service includes:

  • Preparing your staff in order to maximise effectiveness.
  • Facilitating the survey from start to finish.
  • Combining results with existing employee engagement surveys.
  • Optimising results by supporting your HR staff to implement change.

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