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10 Feb Are your customers satisfied?

How well does your business understand its customers? Pure Survey has designed customer survey programs that help assist businesses throughout South Africa to understand their customers and suggest ways to help businesses improve their levels of customer satisfaction. The consumer is the life blood of a business and without their continued support businesses would suffer.

A vital part of a business research should therefore be based on the customers. Regular customer surveys should be spaced out to prevent any irritation. Employee and mystery shopper surveys should be conducted SIMULTANEOUSLY on an agreed upon schedule. Pure Survey is fully equipped to assist your business in handling these important research areas. All facets of the business need to be analyzed and worked on to improve the customer’s experience.

Listening to your customers is one of the key aspects that guarantees the success and improvement of your business. Making your customers feel that they are highly respected guests within your business will enhance your customer’s view of your business. Ask Pure Survey to work with your team in order to understand the benefits of a Customer based survey and how it can and will improve your business.

What are the 2 essential facets of your businesses customer satisfaction plan?

  1. Customer based satisfaction surveys. As we have mentioned, this medium of survey is important for all businesses and the improvement thereof. It is not simply a matter of asking whether they are happy within your business but also finding out where they would improve aspects of your business. Whether it is service, products, style and feel or the initial impression. Pure Survey’s team of designers, developers, researchers and strategists are on hand to work together with and to help your team understand the essential necessity of a customer satisfaction survey.
  2. Action, action, action! The first important section has been conducted, now what? Without a well thought out and analyzed action plan the survey’s are pointless. How will the business be improved if only half the work is accomplished? Correcting issues that arise due to the customer survey is an essential part of the customer satisfaction program. Without it, it would be a foundation with no bricks. The customer satisfaction survey would then be a fruitless and pointless endeavor. Take the time and effort into putting together a team, whose main focus will be to work through the issues picked up and to resolve them and correct faults or bad service areas that are found.

What’s the next step ?
Repeat this process on a regular basis without annoying your customers. Keep an eye on your business at all times and fix issues before they become issues. Customer satisfaction surveys run by Pure Survey will help your business identify areas where it can be improved on and help you see potential issues that need to be sorted out.

Call Pure Survey on (CPT) 021 788 6856 or (JHB) 010 005 2031 for assistance in your customer satisfaction program.

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