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12 Feb Are your employees satisfied?

Pure Survey will work together with your team to improve your employee satisfaction levels. This in turn will improve your employees’ sentiment about your business.

The driving force behind your business is your employees; if they are not satisfied then the business will suffer. Working with our team will not only help your business to understand the employees better but will also alleviate potential disaster areas.

To achieve accurate and honest results it is important that the survey is:

  • Designed by Pure Survey who are experts in the field and are currently providing professional survey services to some of the most influential companies in South Africa.
  • Conducted by Pure Survey to achieve optimal results and feedback from the survey. Employees are more likely to respond honestly to an external team than an internal one.
  • Analyzed by Pure Survey who are experts at understanding the results and providing constructive feedback that will benefit your business.

What should be taken into consideration when conducting employee satisfaction surveys?

  • Talk to the employees!

Communicate with them that the survey is happening for their benefit and that the survey is being conducted in a professional and confidential manner. The employees need to understand that the survey needs to be conducted in order to help them. They also need to know that the survey results, after being analyzed by Pure Survey will be used to improve their work experience and that responses of each individual employee is confidential.

  • The survey is important!

The best people to ask whether the business is succeeding or not are the employees. They know the business better than others and are aware of potential issues and problem areas. Encourage the employees to take their time to understand the survey questions and insist that they give detailed feedback where needed.

  • Make the survey random or compulsory!

It is important that employees are not allowed the option to select themselves to complete a survey as this will result in an un-balanced and biased outcome. For best results it is important to either make it compulsory or that the employees are selected at random.

Always ensure that the employees understand what is expected from them and why the survey is being conducted. Pure Survey’s team of dedicated surveyors are here to assist your businesses employees with your employee satisfaction survey.

The employees need to be ensured that the survey is for their benefit and their gain. Most people will want to participate and help with providing detailed feedback if they know that they can benefit.

A few key aspects for an employee satisfaction survey to be successful are:

  • Honesty from the employees.
  • Trust between the employees and the business.
  • Confidentiality provided by Pure Survey when conducting the survey.

Contact Pure Survey on (CPT) 021 788 6856 or (JHB) 010 005 2031 for assistance with your employee satisfaction survey. We adhere to a policy of confidentiality with your employees and will work with your team to create successful employee satisfaction surveys!

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