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Employee Research

Employee Research

By targeting employee satisfaction and engagement, your organisation can promote staff retention and create a happy and constructive work environment. A fulfilled employee will cultivate better customer relationships, which in turn will have an impact on your bottom line.

Our employee research surveys measure satisfaction, engagement and commitment of your employees to help improve productivity within your business. Our team designs both employee satisfaction surveys and engagement surveys.

Our employee surveys provide in-depth assessments of:

  • Role-clarity: Do employees clearly understand their duties and role within your organisation?
  • Management relations: Are staff relations with management based on trust, co-operation and open communication, resulting in effective management?
  • Respect: Do staff value and feel respected by their co-workers?
  • Communication: Is information communicated effectively? Do your employees believe that they have a voice?
  • Performance/Reward systems: Is staff performance fairly evaluated and are staff adequately rewarded for their contributions?
  • Career development: Are employees provided with adequate training and development opportunities to improve their professional skills?
  • Decision-Making/Co-ordination: Are decision-making, delegation and co-ordination principles effective?
  • Innovation: Are work methods innovative and is your staff encouraged to be creative and express new ideas?
  • Relationships: Are staff and customer needs really heard and valued?
  • Teamwork/support: Are staff members encouraged to be team players? Do they receive the support needed to perform effectively?
  • Quality of service: Is your staff proud of the quality of service provided by their work team and the organisation?
  • Conflict management: Are conflicts handled openly and fairly? Are innovative solutions used to prevent conflicts?
  • Morale: Are employees motivated to perform well? Is the standard of morale high?
  • Direction/strategy: Does your staff understand the direction in which the company is headed and the overall vision and goals?

We also provide assistance with organisational assessments and exit interviews.

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