Pure Survey | Employee Satisfaction Survey’s: Is it an investment?
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09 Feb Employee Satisfaction Survey’s: Is it an investment?

At Pure Survey our target is to create a strong bond between the employee and business. The life blood of any strong business is its employees. The employee satisfaction survey is designed to be the base of the bridge between the employee and business. It gives your management team an understanding of why the employees are content or discontent and what can be worked on to improve the situation.

When considering the future of your business it is important to take into consideration the employees. They are the backbone of your business and should be listened to.
Some aspects of an employee satisfaction survey are:

  • What do they consider the image of the business?
  • What strengths and weaknesses does the business have?
  • How is communication within the business?
  • What characteristics would they give the business?
  • Do they know and understand the businesses products?
  • Do they know the goals of the business and how it will proceed in the future?
  • Do they have all they need to perform their work successfully?
  • How would they market the business?
  • What rating would they give the businesses,
    • moral,
    • unification,
    • management and employee relationship?

Employee satisfaction surveys designed by Pure Survey are designed to benefit both the business and employee and for the survey to be an investment.

Once your survey has been conducted by Pure Survey and they have captured the results it is important for your business management and team leaders to discuss and analyze them. Following through on an employee satisfaction survey is crucial to the end goal of making the survey a success.

The development and follow through of your employee survey has a two fold effect:

  • Firstly your employees see that the business cares for and wants the best for them.
  • Secondly your business will in turn benefit as the employees become more satisfied and eager to work. A satisfied employee leads to an engaged employee which leads to the business improving as a whole.

For the continual success of your business it is important to work on the action plan for your business and to conduct a follow up survey to assess the success or failure of the plan. It is recommended that an employee satisfaction survey should be conducted by Pure Survey a minimum of twice a year.

The answer to the title question: Employee satisfaction surveys: Is it an investment; is a resounding YES. Conducting and acting upon an employee satisfaction survey will not only improve your businesses employees moral and satisfaction within the business but it will also improve the business itself through profits and the customers first impressions of the business. Your customer’s impression of your business is largely based on the interaction between themselves and your employees.

Is your businesses employee satisfaction an investment or is it not worth while? A well run, well designed and laid out employee satisfaction survey has huge long term investment for your business and building a relationship with your employees is important. This relationship should be worked on constantly. An employee satisfaction survey is for the benefit of the business, employees and customers. Contact Pure Survey on (CPT) 021 788 6856 or (JHB) 010 005 2031 for more information.

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