Pure Survey | Guidelines for a successful 360° Feedback Program
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07 Mar Guidelines for a successful 360° Feedback Program

In a recent Forbes.com article, Eric Jackson listed “The 7 Reasons Why 360° Feedback Programs Fail”. Through his research, he has identified 7 critical factors that affect the effectiveness of a 360° program. Let’s use these reasons for failure and turn them into strategies for success. Pure Survey aims to create the best feedback program for your company’s needs.

  • Get The Boss on Board

A 360° program needs to be driven from the top. The more seriously management take the process, the more benefit it will have all round. This includes communication before, during and after the rating process, participation in the rating process and acknowledging and working with their own feedback. Leaders and Managers who exhibit high levels of enthusiasm and encouragement during the process serve as role models for everyone else.

  • Ask Specific Questions

Your survey should have an underlying model that groups the questions into logical, actionable groups of behaviours. The answers to your questions should allow the person being rated to understand where their strengths and limitations lie. Whether your questionnaire is based on generic leadership characteristics or your company’s specific values and behaviours, there should always be an element of “where to next” in the way that the results are reported.

  • Keep it above the belt

Keep the questions related to behaviour in the workplace and set clear boundaries for responses within open “comments” fields. Limit opportunities for respondents to make personal observations that are not related to work performance. Ask questions in such a way that they are unambiguous and clearly linked to behaviours that have an effect on the performance of your business. E.g. Instead of an open ended question such as “Any further comments?”, ask how the individual can:

– Keep contributing to the success of the team
– Stop any behaviours that don’t serve the success of the team
– Suggest new behaviours that will enhance the functioning of the team.

  • What next?

Pure Survey will ensure your business has a plan and a process set up for delivering and following up on the feedback. Feedback should be given in a safe environment and serve to build up individuals. Equal importance should be given to working with the person’s strengths and planning development to address weaknesses. A development plan and regular follow up sessions will ensure that the recipient gets the most out of the program, and your company a return on their investment.

  • Don’t just do it once

Changing human behaviour takes time and effort. 360° feedback is an event but working with it is a journey. Ensure that once the feedback has been delivered and a plan has been put into place the plan is reviewed, on at least a quarterly basis. Ongoing discussions have the effect of engaging the employee in question and increase the likelihood of them growing in value to your company.

  • Keep it confidential

Everyone involved in this process has the right to confidentiality. The recipient of the feedback should not be compromised by feedback given by their appraisers. The appraisers should also feel free to voice their opinions without fear of retribution. Keeping the process confidential encourages more realistic ratings from the appraisers, and a higher commitment to development and change from the person being rated. This means not sharing results without the subject’s permission and giving appraisers the option to rate employees anonymously. Using a third party such as Pure Survey to help in this process will help ensure impartiality and confidentiality.

  • Look on the bright side

Using strengths identified through 360° feedback is the best way to energise and engage your leaders and managers. When used in a team setting, 360° Feedback can be used to identify opportunities for distributing tasks to the right people and identifying coaching and mentoring partnerships within the team. By focusing on the strengths and developing weaknesses at the same time your business allows individuals to shine and build confidence in their abilities.

  • Minimise the Admin

This is our own critical success factor. Multi-rater feedback can be a very time-consuming process, providing the perfect excuse for non-participation. Pure Survey has a web based, easy to use 360° Feedback tool. It allows respondents to rate multiple people at the same time, using a user-friendly point and click interface. We will provide your business with standardised questionnaires or custom build one that works for your organisation. Our reports are accurate and easy to read and interpret. We ensure confidentiality for recipients and appraisers, both through our data collection process and the consulting and support services we offer.

Contact Pure Survey today to find out how we can enhance your business performance through our 360° Feedback Program, and our other Employee Engagement research options.

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