Pure Survey | How a 360° Feedback Survey can be highly effective
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08 Mar How a 360° Feedback Survey can be highly effective

The effectiveness of Pure Surveys 360° feedback program depends on how it is handled and how it is used . If businesses are not careful the positive aspects of a 360° feedback survey can become negative. Using a professional well qualified survey company such as Pure Survey to look after your survey needs adds the elements of confidentiality and confidence within the employees.

How can this survey method be highly effective?

  • Using an effective assessment method:

Meet with Pure Survey’s design and development team to understand not only how questions should be asked, but also what questions should be asked in order to glean a well rounded assessment from this survey medium.

  • Keep the survey within the businesses goals:

Working with Pure Survey will help your business to establish a survey that will meet your businesses goals and will highlight the end results that is essential for the effectiveness of the survey medium.

  • Using the executives to support the survey:

If the businesses executives fully support the 360° feedback program then there is a good chance for success. It will be a great advantage for your business if they drive their management and employees to consider the 360° feedback system survey .

  • Good effective communication is key:

Without strong communication between the surveyors and the employees the survey will not be as effective as it can be. It is important to use an external business such as Pure Survey to handle your communication and survey needs with the 360° feedback program to alleviate any potential communication breakdowns.

  • Build trust for the 360° feedback program:

One of the potential problem areas is trust within this survey medium. Confidentiality is part of Pure Survey’s characteristic and we take this to heart. Providing feedback on an individual within a business whether it is a peer, superior or an underling is a daunting task. Using Pure Survey will assist in creating a confidential survey program that the employees feel comfortable participating in.

  • Planning and following up:

Using Pure Survey will alleviate the potential for disaster within these areas. We have professional and well trained teams who are dedicated to creating well thought out and planned 360° feedback programs. Our survey plans to incorporate a follow up of the survey. A follow up 360° feedback program is essential to alert employees areas in which they are improving or not.

  • Accountability:

If there is no accountability within this survey medium then it is not worth while conducting a survey. A 360° feedback program requires people to be accountable for achieving goals that are set out for them. The goals of the survey are created from the feedback received for each individual.

Once your business has decided to enter the 360° feedback survey program contacting Pure Survey on (CPT) 021 788 6856 or (JHB) 011 784 1966 for your survey program needs is an essential part of your surveys success.

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