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10 Feb How to maintain customer satisfaction

At Pure Survey we have dedicated our time, effort and expertise into understanding how to maximize the potential for customer satisfaction surveys. Maintaining this relationship is highly important for the success of your business. A business is successful when the employees and managers work together with a unified train of thought.

This train of thought is summed up in the following question; “What can we do to help our customers today and how can we improve our service???? Customer service and the maintenance thereof is a trying and difficult part of business, however it does not need to be this way.

  • Working on this relationship should be an easy process as the people within the business should strive to work together to promote a high view of the customer. The customer should be seen as number one in the business.
  • Training the employees in the art of customer service and retention is important for all businesses to work on. Without customer retention the business will remain the same and stagnate.
  • Use Pure Survey’s expertise to conduct regular employee satisfaction and engagement surveys to understand areas that need to be worked on and the areas that the employees are excelling in. Please see our employee research page for more information.

Service, service, service!
This is a vitally important aspect of the customer / business relationship. Without good service from trained employees the customer loyalty will disappear.

How can Pure Survey help your business improve your customer relationship?

  • We will work with your team to create, conduct and analyze customer satisfaction surveys.
  • Our surveys are designed to maximize the benefit and work with your business to improve the relationship with the customer.
  • Our teams are dedicated to see your business grow from strength to strength. With us there is no such thing as impossible. We strive to help businesses succeed through the medium of surveys.

How can your business work to improve its customer relationship?

  • By hiring Pure Survey to handle your survey needs and to work with your customers and employees to improve the business.
  • By promoting a high view of the customer within your business and training the employees in the art of excellent customer service.

What are the three types of customers?

  • Happy and content:

When a customer is happy and content they will promote your business within their social groups and family. The satisfied customer is free advertising for your business.

  • Moderate and average:

The moderate customer is one who receives average service and they only use your business when necessary. They are unlikely to promote or demote your business.

  • Unhappy:

An unhappy customer will make it their ambition to bad mouth your business to their friends and family.

What sort of business / customer relationship would your business fit in? Would it be the satisfied, moderate or the unhappy customer? Having Pure Survey conduct regular customer satisfaction surveys will help your business to move from the unhappy or moderate customer to the happy and content customer.

Contact Pure Survey on (CPT) 021 788 6856 or (JHB) 010 005 2031 for assistance, information and support in your customer satisfaction venture!

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