Pure Survey | How to understand customer satisfaction?
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10 Feb How to understand customer satisfaction?

In all businesses customer satisfaction is highly important, it is the core aspect that should drive managers and employees alike. Pure Survey has a skilled team of researchers whose aim is to help your business achieve your customer satisfaction goals. In all businesses there is a consistent turnaround of clients. It is therefore important to consider ways that will keep them coming back. Poor client service will result in the failure of your business. It is therefore vital that this aspect of your business be continuously and consistently worked on.

  • Customer satisfaction is a personal, individual experience. Each person that walks into your business will react differently. A customer satisfaction survey conducted by Pure Survey is designed to understand how each person reacts when in your business and how the individual customer likes or dislikes specific aspects within your business. The information is gathered on an individual basis and then evaluated as a group to help your business understand how to improve its overall customer relationship.
  • Using Pure Survey to conduct your customer satisfaction survey will ease the burden on your management staff. We approach your clients, via one on one, email or telephonically. Most people are either too busy or simply do not express the desire to participate in a survey. Adding an incentive for participating in the survey is therefore a big draw card, i.e. discounts, coupons or vouchers are good incentives that will not only benefit your customers but will benefit your business as well. It is quite likely that when they use their gift that they will buy other things in your business as well. It is important that the survey be easy to complete and not time consuming. In a customer research survey it is important to receive as many responses as possible.
  • When designing a survey it is important to know why it is being conducted and then to follow through on that objective. In a customer research survey your business wants to know, what is being done correctly and what needs to be worked on. By asking your customers what is important to them will help build up the relationship between the business and customer. Their needs are what is vital to the survival of your business and should therefore be addressed and handled with care.
  • In order for your business to be successful all facets need to be examined and worked on. If one section is not working properly with the rest then do not ignore it. Repair the problem areas as your business is only as strong as its weakest link.

Customer satisfaction is a difficult and exciting area of research. It reveals to the management the good, the bad and the ugly side of your business. Managers and leaders in your industry should know everything about your business. It is their business to work hard towards its success. Pure Survey is dedicated to the on-going progress of your business and the continual improvement of your customer / business relationship.

Keeping your customers content within your business is highly important for its success. Our aim at Pure Survey is to assist your business in mastering the art of a customer orientated business through the medium of surveys. To improve your business it is important to learn from the bad and polish the good. Contact us on (CPT) 021 788 6856 or (JHB) 010 005 2031 for further information and assistance.

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