Pure Survey | How to use, conduct and deliver a successful 360° Survey
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23 Feb How to use, conduct and deliver a successful 360° Survey

A 360° Feedback survey designed and conducted by Pure Survey is created to receive the maximum benefit for this survey type in assisting the business to grow and the employees within the business to grow.

There are many different uses for this survey tool such as:

  • Your employees’ personal growth.
  • A platform for your management to appraise the employees.
  • A platform to appraise the management.
  • A tool to asses what training is needed within the business.
  • A tool to evaluate the work teams within your business.
  • A platform to asses the development of leadership skills.
  • This tool may be used to asses the customers views about your employees on an individual basis.

Now what? How do we conduct the 360° Feedback survey?
Make use of Pure Survey’s professional services when considering your businesses 360° Feedback survey. We have teams of developers and designers ready to assist your business in constructing and conducting the survey.

  • The questions for the survey need to be developed and worked on by the Pure Survey team and the management team. These questions should be on a slider scale with an allowance for comments.
  • Confidentiality is of high importance when conducting this type of survey. Hiring Pure Survey to conduct this survey will ensure confidentiality.
  • Use Pure Survey to train the employees and management in the use of the 360° Feedback.
  • Ask Pure Survey to create a FAQ document to email the employees when/if they have any questions.
  • Monitor the survey usage using Pure Surveys usage tracking tool to assist your managers in keeping track of the progress of the survey.
  • Use the Pure Survey team to analyze and collate the survey data. We are able to provide superficial and in-depth analysis of the survey. This data can also be analyzed according to work sections to understand where the strengths and weaknesses are of specific groups.
  • The results of the survey should be shared with the rated employee(s). This will help to promote growth for the benefit of the employee and business.

How to deliver constructive feedback for this survey?
This survey medium needs to be constructive in order to be successful. The employees and managers need to understand the basics of constructive criticism. Constructive feedback can either positive or negative. It is how the feedback is worded or said that matters. When critiquing the ratee it is important not to go on the attack.

  • Provide information about when and where any issues have arisen, it is important not to be derogatory or negative as this is for the ratee and businesses benefit.
  • Provide a detailed understanding of how the ratee impacts others and how their impact could be improved in a constructive manner.
  • Provide information on whether the employee is meeting the goals of the business and how he/she could improve this.
  • It is important that when rating the ratee the employees do not veer off and attack the ratee. The survey needs to be dealt with by describing the facts and not how the rater felt.

Using Pure Survey to work with your business while conducting the 360° Feedback Survey will assist your survey to be a success. Contact us on (CPT) 021 788 6856 or (JHB) 011 784 1966 for our professional and confidential assistance.

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