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10 Feb Ideas for a productive online customer survey

An online survey designed by Pure Survey is carefully thought out and designed. Your customers are the integral part of your business. Making use of a survey to gauge their feelings and thoughts with regards to your company is important. They are your businesses most valuable asset, without them your business would fail to succeed.

An online survey designed by Pure Survey is designed to help businesses not only understand the client but also help with understanding what will keep them coming back to your business.

  • Before committing to the survey it is important to conduct research. This will help your business understand not only what information is needed but will also help your business understand how to apply the collected data. Setting specific goals for the survey will help to know how to direct the questions.
  • Target your survey towards the desired recipients. Figure out who the target market is and then send the survey to them. An easy way to target the survey towards specific groups is to email a link of the survey to your clientele. By making use of an email to send out the survey link will mean that the control is in your hands. Pure Survey will handle the distribution of the survey and the gathering of the information.
  • Keep your questions short and sweet. Participants will be less likely to read a question that is difficult to interpret immediately. To make sure all questions are answered keep them simple. Do not ask a question within a question as when answered there is no way to know which question is being answered, rather split the questions in two.
  • Make sure that your questions are aimed towards your target group. They need to be interesting and the sort of questions that grab hold of their attention.
  • When designing the survey it is important to make sure that it is well laid out and easy to read, not cramped and awkward. This ease of reading will help participants to want to complete the survey and in turn they may encourage others to be interested as well.
  • Most importantly before sending out your online survey. Test the survey. It is important to make sure that the spelling is correct, the layout looks good and is it easy to read. Also when testing ask the testers to see if the questions are easy or confusing to go through. Are there any questions that could be offensive to anyone? Do the questions follow a logical order? Once happy with the testing then the survey is ready to be sent out. Pure Survey will handle all of the survey testing for your business.

Keep these ideas in mind when designing your survey. This is important for positive results to be achieved. Make use of a survey company such as Pure Survey to help in the survey planning and data collecting. Survey companies have the knowledge and skilled teams to design a survey to fit your needs.

An online customer satisfaction survey is designed to help meet the customer where they are at. Help your management team to maximize the results of your survey by using Pure Survey to design, conduct and collect the data. Call us on (CPT) 021 788 6856 or (JHB) 010 005 2031 for more information.

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