Pure Survey | Suggestions for your employee satisfaction survey
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09 Feb Suggestions for your employee satisfaction survey

Pure Survey has a dedicated team of researchers ready to assist your business with designing and conducting its employee satisfaction survey. For your employee satisfaction survey to receive maximum results and benefit, the following are some helpful tips and suggestions.

  1. Hiring a third party business such as Pure Survey is your first step in the right direction. Your employees need to know that the survey is confidential and designed for their benefit.
  2. Using Pure Survey will take the stress away from the business in creating and conducting the survey.
  3. It is important to understand what questions should be asked in order to understand how to help your employees. Pure Survey will help your business to compile a well thought out and concise survey.
  4. Make the participation in the survey as convenient as possible. Emailing a link to the survey is one convenient method to use when conducting the survey. The more participants the more actionable feedback.
  5. The employee survey is your initial phase in improving the employee / business relationship. Use the responses. Discuss it within a team of employee leaders and management. Decide on how to work on issues and improve the business as a whole together.

Consider these three scenarios:

  • Scenario 1:

Your business runs on a day to day basis just making the grade, not really making a profit and the employees come and go as they please. There is no positive interaction between the employees and management. Your business has a continual flow of employees being hired and leaving. This business will not succeed.

  • Scenario 2:

This scenario is equally as bad as the first one. In this case; employees who are mediocre in their work and if given the chance they would leave. Your business will be ok but will only be ok and not the best in its field.

  • Scenario 3:

Your business has a thriving hub of employees who want to come to work each day. In fact other business managers ask how your employees are so satisfied. Your management and employees work together as a team and discuss problems and solutions within the group. This business is a united force and will succeed.

Which of these three is your business? Pure Survey will work along with your management team to help your business go from the first scenario to the third scenario.

Your businesses employee satisfaction survey is all about synergy. Synergy is the working together of parties within a business for the improvement of the business and the employees. Without a cohesive and a happy working environment your business will suffer due to the lack of drive from the employees.

Working as a team to rectify communication issues within your business is a step in the right direction. Pure Survey is dedicated to the improvement of your business as a whole and we aim to assist your business management team to understand the employees and how to work with them. Call Pure Survey on (CPT) 021 788 6856 or (JHB) 010 005 2031

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