Pure Survey | The powerful influence of 360 Feedback
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23 Feb The powerful influence of 360 Feedback

Pure Survey is a South African based research business designed to assist your business maximise its potential through the method of well grounded surveys. Our 360° Feedback survey platform has been tried and tested by Pure Survey and its employees. We have ironed out the kinks and fine tuned the platform to be an optimal survey method for your business.

Many businesses do not understand 360° Feedback surveys, as they either attempt to use it but not efficiently or decide against it and lose out on the enormous benefit that a well managed and designed 360° Feedback survey can give their business. Why should your business make use of our 360° Feedback survey platform? Pure Survey’s platform is not only designed to help the employees within your business but also to help the business maximise the potential of each team within the business, which in turn grows the business as a whole.

How can this survey method be so influential and powerful?
Pure Survey’s 360° Feedback survey method allows you to:

  • Assist the person being surveyed in their personal growth within the business.
  • Conduct fruitful and beneficial interviews with current employees and executives.
  • Use previous assessments to help create a benchmark of growth for the employees and executives within your business.
  • Train up people in their strengths and weaknesses, thereby helping them to be moulded into a unified body within the business.

How does this survey method help the person?

  • If this survey method is used correctly then it will allow the surveyed person to positively change for the good of the business and themselves.
  • Without this survey method people are not able to perform at an optimal level within their team.
  • Handled correctly, a 360° Feedback survey can positively show a person how they can work towards playing a bigger part in their team and within the business.

Understanding your personal 360° Feedback survey can lead to dramatic changes for the good. The handling of the survey and its results delivery needs to be conducted in a constructive and sensitive manner. We are dealing with people who you as a business owner want to see succeed and grow within your business. With the correct coaching and guidance Pure Survey’s 360° Feedback tool can be highly successful within your business!

Using Pure Survey to work with your business in conducting a well rounded and beneficial 360° Feedback Survey is a big positive for your businesses 360° survey success. We have experienced personnel who are ready to train up teams on how to handle the survey process and how to deliver the survey responses to the surveyee. We will work hand in hand with your business to maximise your potential for growth within South Africa! Contact us on (CPT) 021 788 6856, (JHB) 010 005 2031 or email us @ info@puresurvey.co.za for more information.

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