Pure Survey | Tips in creating an efficient E-Learning program
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12 Feb Tips in creating an efficient E-Learning program

Pure Survey has put together a few helpful tips for when your business deals with an E-Learning program.

An E-Learning program needs to be efficient, well conducted and it needs to grab and hold the attention of the learner. One would need to take into consideration how the material can benefit them and in turn how it is able to assist the employee in their growth.

What helps to maintain a well conducted and designed E-Learning program?

  • Whether reading a book, magazine or a website, people are more inclined to read from the left to the right. By keeping the material of your E-Learning in a similar pattern, it will assist your Employees to read and understand the material in a clearer and easier way. Your eye is trained from a young age to first go to the left when reading text or when reading an online site.
  • By using the F7 tab, spell-check and proof reading, an E-Learning program will assist with keeping grammatical errors out of the picture. There is nothing more annoying than reading a document or text that is badly spelt and written. Proofread all of the content before making it live. It is always useful to hire a third party company such as Pure Survey to assist with checking the content for spelling issues, grammatical accuracy and ease of reading issues.
  • It is always good to make use of third party companies such as Pure Survey to read through your E-Learning program and assist your business with looking at aspects such as the consistency, the look and feel of the program . Using a third party to read through the program and assist in this manner is important when creating programs that are user friendly and attractive for learners.
  • Create your E-Learning program to be interactive for the learners. If the program is drab and boring then it is less likely to receive a strong backing from your employees. Using Pure Survey’s development team to assist your business with the design of an interactive and interesting E-Learning programs is a wise choice.
  • Create an avenue within the program whereby the learners may conduct a check on what they have learnt. This will result in a two fold positive aspect for your business.
    1. The learner can keep track on how they are progressing.
    2. The business can keep track on how the employees are progressing.
  • Making use of Audio and Visual aids in the E-Learning program has its place and therefore needs to be monitored. Overusing this type of medium can distract and also be an information overload for the learner. Using a text layout for your program with a few items of multi media could be beneficial for your business, however a survey conducted by Pure Survey is vital in order that the best medium of delivery is developed for your employees.

Creating, preparing and delivering an effective E-Learning program will benefit both the business and employees alike. Make use of Pure Survey’s expert advice, knowledge, experience and usage tracking tools to assist your business in this endeavor.

Contact Pure Survey on (CPT) 021 788 6856 or (JHB) 011 784 1966 or email us at: info@puresurvey.co.za for assistance with your E-Learning program!

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