Pure Survey | Understanding 360° Feedback
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23 Feb Understanding 360° Feedback

Pure Survey’ s 360° Feedback tool is designed to help your management team help your employees by gathering information from their peers and managers about their performance in the work place. Using our innovative feedback tool will not only help your employees understand what they need to improve on but will also help them to know whether their level of performance meets the company’s requirements.

The crux of Pure Survey’ s 360° feedback survey is to assist your management when conducting employee evaluations for the benefit and development of your employees.

What helps to make this a successful survey medium?

  • This platform helps to encourage personal growth.
  • The feedback is regarded as areas where the employee can grow within the business as well.
  • Pure Survey assists the management to strategically create questions that promotes employee growth and development.
  • Pure Survey will not ask for the names of employees when conducting the survey, in order to honor confidentiality.
  • The tool is designed to work with the businesses goals in mind.
  • The tool allows some room for comments.
  • The employees and management must be clear about the end goal of the 360° Feedback.
  • The employees should be trained how to respond and interact with this survey.
  • The 360° feedback tool works together with the employee/management monthly meetings.
  • The ratee needs to be willing to grow and make use of the survey for this survey medium to work effectively.

All of these factors and many more work together to create a well rounded 360° feedback survey. Using Pure Survey’ s innovative tool will help in making this survey process smooth and stress free. Confidentiality is of high importance when conducting a 360° feedback survey.

This tool needs to be monitored closely by Pure Survey to help keep any negative aspects under control. Using a third party such as Pure Survey will help your employees to be confident in their responses. The employees will know that the survey will be handled in a confidential manner and that their names will not be mentioned in the feedback.

A 360° survey should be:

  • Conducted by an external survey business,
  • Confidential and
  • Constructive

This survey medium is designed to receive honest and positive answers from your businesses employees. The employees who participate in this survey medium would need to be informed about how the survey tool works and how to use the survey to achieve optimal results. The raters will also need to be instructed and informed that this is not an exercise for negative and destructive feedback but one for positive and constructive feedback. The survey needs to be monitored under strict guidelines by the management and Pure Survey teams.

Using the Pure Survey team to design, create and conduct your 360° feedback survey is important for the success of this exercise. We aim to assist your management team achieve high results and positive feedback towards the growth of the employees and the development of the business. Call us for more information on (CPT) 021 788 6856 or (JHB) 011 784 1966.

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