Pure Survey | Understanding How, What and When to conduct a Survey
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09 Feb Understanding How, What and When to conduct a Survey

The main objective of a customer satisfaction survey as designed by Pure Survey is for your business to receive the results of the survey and to take action with them.

If this is not handled correctly then the survey is valueless.

How to ask your customers if they are happy
There are a number of methods to make use of when finding out if your customers are satisfied:

  • Ask them face to face as then enter or leave your business
  • Make contact with them via telephone. If your business has their number and permission to contact them, this is a useful way to gather information from customers.
  • Send them an email containing a brief survey constructed by Pure Survey’s survey design team. Be careful, however, not to violate any anti-spam laws.

When should this survey be conducted?
To gather optimal results from the surveys, businesses should try to conduct them over a short time period. To make use of immediate reactions it is useful to conduct a survey as soon as your customer has bought one of your products or on leaving the store. The more time between the survey and your customer leaving the store the less accurate results are likely to be as important factors could be forgotten.

What type of questions should be asked?
Try and ask questions that will help to gain insight into why the customer liked or disliked the product or service and also whether or not they would return and why.

Some standard questions with regards to your customer’s happiness are:

  • Are they happy with their product or service purchase? Why or why not?
  • Are they happy with the quality of service that they received? Why or why not?
  • What rating would they give the business overall? Why?

Questions pertaining to your customer’s loyalty are important as well:

  • Are they going to buy a product or service from us again?
  • Would they recommend the product or service to their friends and family?
  • Would they recommend our business to their friends and family?

How frequently should the survey be conducted?
When conducting a customer satisfaction survey, businesses need to be sensitive to their customers. When last did your business conduct a survey? Is the survey brief and to the point? Customer satisfaction surveys do need to be conducted frequently but without upsetting your clientèle. Using Pure Survey will help as they keep track of how often a survey has been conducted and when the best times are to conduct your survey.

Now what?
Now it is time to take action. The survey has been conducted, received and the results analysed. Next your business needs to learn from the results. The most important factor in a customer satisfaction survey is for your company to take the positive and negative results and work with them to resolve any issues and thereby improve your business.

In all customer satisfaction surveys it is vital to be sensitive to customer’s needs and wants and to listen to them. They are the core of your business, without which it would not exist. Learn from the results and keep on striving to improve your business through the surveys.

Customer satisfaction surveys need to be timed well otherwise they could end up being a disaster. Approaching a customer when they are rushing to a meeting will not leave them with a good experience. The best time to approach customers is when they are relaxed and browsing your products. This is a good time to ask them if they would be willing to participate in the survey. Pure Surveys teams are ready to assist in your survey endeavor. Contact us on (CPT) 021 788 6856 or (JHB) 010 005 2031 for more information.

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