Pure Survey | What are the benefits of a 360° Feedback program?
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08 Mar What are the benefits of a 360° Feedback program?

At Pure Survey we have dedicated out attention to focusing on understanding the benefits of 360° feedback and how best to implement it within businesses in South Africa.

What this survey program deals with is simple. It helps to gather, compile and analyze information about your employees and management within your business in a broad manner. The survey is conducted for the individual and the results are received by conducting the survey within a group of peers, management and underlings within the business. This all-round approach assists in receiving well-rounded results for the survey.

Is this approach not bound for disaster?
A 360° feedback program should be conducted by a third party business such as Pure Survey for the guaranteed success of the survey. This survey medium needs to be handled with care, as we are analyzing the person/individual within your business and not the business as a whole. Analyzing the individual means that the questions asked and how they are answered needs to be controlled and kept within strict protocols.

Once the 360° surveys have been conducted and analyzed then the business can place the employees in teams best suited for each individual. By using the results of this survey we can successfully match the weak areas of an individual with the strong STRENGTH of another, with an end goal of creating strong teams. These teams are compiled of employees who compliment each other and who are best suited to work together.

There are a number of areas that benefit from a 360° feedback program.

  • Pure Surveys 360° Feedback program serves to encourage employees to work on building and growing trust relationships within your business. The emphasis of the 360° feedback program is to encourage teamwork and unity within your business.
  • Pure Surveys 360° Feedback program allows for confidential surveys to be taken for the executives of the business. The confidential manner of our survey leads to open understandings of how the employees, fellow management teams and superiors of your business appraise the performance of the executives within your business.
  • Pure Surveys 360° Feedback program encourages all players to be open, honest and to build each other up. This medium of survey aims to build each other up within the business and is not to be used to break each other down. Positive criticism is encouraged. The added bonus of the building up and the working together of teams creates an environment of mutual encouragement, thereby producing better and stronger teams within your business.

360° feedback programs designed, conducted and analyzed by the Pure Survey team are confidential, team building and unifying surveys. Contact us on (CPT) 021 788 6856 or (JHB) 011 784 1966 for assistance and help in your 360° feedback program!

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