Pure Survey | What to consider before beginning your mobile survey venture?
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12 Feb What to consider before beginning your mobile survey venture?

The main objective of a customer satisfaction survey as designed by Pure Survey is for your business to receive the results of the survey and to take action with them.

Pure Survey’s team of designers, developers and researchers are available to answer all of your businesses questions regarding mobile and other types of surveys. We consider all questions important and leave no stone un-turned. Our philosophy is to help businesses throughout South Africa improve themselves through the medium of surveys.

In dealing with mobile surveys it is important to weigh up the different elements i.e:

  • What are the advantages and disadvantages?
  • What should be taken into consideration before conducting the survey?

These questions should be discussed and understood before your business conducts its initial mobile survey. Ask Pure Survey for more information and understanding of how a mobile survey can benefit your business and why your business should conduct one.

What are some of the advantages of a mobile device survey?

  • Mobile surveys can be used to gather immediate real time responses. This is a big plus for mobile surveys as they help you to understand what your consumers think of your businesses service, product range and general look and feel of the business. This type of immediate feedback helps in gathering fresh responses and initial impressions without their thoughts being tainted.
  • Mobile surveys generally have high response rates as they are portable, flexible and can be conducted in the consumers own time.
  • Pure Survey’s mobile research surveys are good for reaching out to people who prefer the mobile medium to a one on one survey.

What are the disadvantages?

  • A mobile survey is not designed for long surveys. They are short surveys designed to receive immediate results.
  • Mobile surveys are not equipped to handle open ended questions. One of the ways to work around this challenge is that after results are analyzed the option of sending a more in-depth market research survey to respondents should be made available.

Mobile devices have huge potential and an enormous reach into the market field.

What should your business ask itself before conducting a mobile survey?

  • What is your target group and is a mobile survey the optimal survey medium for them?
  • Would the survey deliver the results expected by being able to use short questions with multiple choice answers?
  • Has your team considered all of the advantages and disadvantages of this survey medium?

All in all, this survey medium is here to stay. It is designed to receive real time responses and immediate feedback. The Pure Survey team is here to help your business enter into the mobile survey world and learn how to maximize this survey medium to benefit your business in the present and future. Contact us for our professional assistance and support.

Pure Survey’ s teams of experts are on call for any and all mobile survey questions. Please feel free to contact us on (CPT) 021 788 6856 or (JHB) 011 784 1966 for further information.

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