Pure Survey | What to consider when conducting your customer survey?
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10 Feb What to consider when conducting your customer survey?

Pure Survey’s team of experts is dedicated to assist your business reach its potential. We consider surveys such as Customer Research Surveys as an integral part of your businesses well being.

Our main purpose is to help businesses throughout South Africa better themselves through the medium of a well designed, planned and conducted survey program.

There are a few tips that Pure Survey would like to suggest in order to improve the run and design of the surveys. It is always helpful to understand why or why not certain details should be dealt with.

What should a business take into consideration?

  • Keep it short!

In our current culture it is vitally important to keep surveys short and simple. They are more likely to have higher response rates than a survey that is long and tedious. For a survey to be beneficial it should reach maximum responses and keeping it short helps. Ask Pure Survey to assist and evaluate what is being considered for the survey. We have teams of dedicated professionals to assist with this.

  • Keep up with the times!

Conducting traditional surveys is not a good idea when wanting maximum responses and results. Gear your surveys to be more technology friendly and make it possible for customers to view the survey on their mobile or tablets. This will not only enhance the survey but will also make it more accurate and user friendly. At Pure Survey our advanced survey mediums are tremendously useful when conducting your businesses surveys.

  • Be conscientious of your customer!

Customers will become annoyed if they are hounded by surveyors when they are busy. Train your employees or survey team with good tactics of approach in order to avoid annoyance. Using a survey company such as Pure Survey to conduct the survey will help to alleviate this issue.

  • Be friendly and personable!

Approaching customers by using language that they do not understand and phrases that mean nothing to them will not help to increase your responses. Ask Pure Survey’s team of professionals to assist your business with running your Research Survey together with the necessary skills on how to approach customers.

  • Remember they are your customers and not your friends!

Respect your customers and treat them courteously. Surveys should be conducted within strict guidelines as to how a surveyor interacts with the customers. Our teams of professional surveyors are trained with regards to interacting with customers.

  • Do not make the survey hard!

Keep the survey easy, light and fun to participate in. Keep the surveys comprehensible with a good flow and a fitting conclusion; in addition to this avoid a chaotic design.

At Pure Survey we are dedicated to helping businesses understand how well managed and conducted surveys can be. Our team is professional and efficient and we are ready and willing to assist your business with conducting an efficient, well run and well designed survey program.

Contact Pure Survey on (CPT) 021 788 6856 or (JHB) 010 005 2031 or email us at: info@puresurvey.co.za for more information and assistance.

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