Pure Survey | Why should businesses measure customer satisfaction?
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09 Feb Why should businesses measure customer satisfaction?

Pure Survey will work with your business to understand how to measure your customer satisfaction and how to improve your customer/business relationship.

Many businesses say that they have a strong customer relationship; unfortunately most of the businesses who say this do not have a system that is set up to make sure that the customer/business relationship is maintained. For your business to be able to say a definite YES that it has a good relationship with its customers, the business needs to make sure that it has the following two factors in place:

  1. Understand what your customers want
  2. Know how to give your customers what they want.

Your customer base is the core of your business, the business needs to make sure that it nurtures and grows this relationship.

Customers that are happy will spend more.
It is common knowledge that a business is likely to make more sales to regular customers than a customer who is there for the first time. Regular customers are the core of any business and so require special attention. Customer loyalty shows that satisfaction is a key part of your customers experience in your business. The business needs to understand this satisfaction and how to increase it. Pure Survey will work hand in hand with your business team to help them to understand through the medium of a survey how to improve the customer loyalty.

One of the methods to gather this information is to ask loyal customers for feedback on their experience and what they would like to see improved within your business. Thus the business will be able to get a “feel” for its customers. Your survey designed by Pure Survey will help your team to understand what your clients are thinking about your business.

Measuring your customer satisfaction through focus groups:
This is a good way to receive informal input from a group of customers. A good idea is to persuade 5 – 10 customers or potential customers to meet as a group to discuss questions which would be laid out for them. In this way your business would also be able to see how the customer reacts to products and services offered by your company. These sessions should be recorded (with the group’s permission) for later play back and discussion.

Customer satisfaction surveys:
An excellent method of measuring customer satisfaction is through customer surveys created by Pure Survey. These come with a set of standard questions which will help to make sure that each customer is asked a similar set of questions and that the answers received will be relevant to the topic. Customers will be more likely to complete the survey if it is seen as having an end goal that will benefit them. Any established company will have a core group of regular customers. These customers can be approached to provide valuable insight by giving the business suggestions for questions when the survey is being prepared. Make use of a reputable online survey company such as based Pure Survey to assist with this.

In all businesses the customers are an integral part, without your loyal customer base the business would have to rely on foot traffic. The aim of your business should be to make sure that its customers are happy and that the business is able to understand how to put the customers desires into action.

Call Pure Survey on (CPT) 021 788 6856 or (JHB) 010 005 2031 to assist your business in its new venture. This will relieve your management of the stress that goes along with designing and conducting your survey. We have qualified teams ready to help your survey be a success!

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